Here’s what everyone is saying about my IMPACT!

Hearing Randy speak about a moment that defined much of my life growing up hit home. There exists an entire group of people dedicating their careers to make sure tragedies never happen again. A group that doesn’t believe checking the box and saying we’re safe is enough.

To each of you, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU for going above and beyond. Thank you for providing an environment that teaches safety as a priority.

Stephen Hailey

Randy was a class act, we greatly appreciated everything this great man brings to the table. His presentation was very informative and kept our attention at all times. His message was very helpful and impactful. I feel like I am a better person, just hearing his story. Really gives a person something to think about.

Thank you Randy!!!!

-Justin Ransbottom

This really made me stop and think today, thank you! This story is an eye opener and a heart string puller! Thanks again! We appreciate all that you do for us and look forward to working with you going forward!

Haney D. Robertson

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