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In a Split Second Everything Changed

A tragic incident occurred on October 7, 1987 while performing a railcar inspection for a potential leak at the Pasadena Plastics Complex.A relief valve was activated while the inspection was being performed on top of the railcar. A fall from the rail car changed and marked this date for the rest of my life. This…

Do it Safely Do it Right Do it Better

As a Leader, you are the most influential person on the team.If you apply the skills, methods, and tools that I teach, you will be more effective as a leader. By increasing engagement with our contractors and coworkers breeds positive culture, ultimately improving safety performance throughout your entire Company.

True Leadership: Dare to Care

The textbook definition of TO CARE is “to feel concern or interest.”If you were to take a hard look at yourself, do you meet the intent of this definition? As a leader, YOU must.An effective leader is one that continually demonstrates caring.Building relationships at work: Approach with humility.Get to know the other person; ask about…

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