Safety is a way of life, even the smallest changes make an impact.

Randy has 40+ years of experience working directly with safety related issues. Safety is his passion and top priority.

Howdy! I’m Randy Royall, my passion is safety, and I believe you can make a difference TODAY!

For 18 ½ years I kept a deep anger inside of me for what I had put my family through because of my accident in 1987. Not only had I impacted my family, but also my coworkers, church and community. While attending the Region 2006 VI VPPPA Conference in Corpus Christi, I was finally provided the opportunity to share my past.

I had been invited to dinner with a group at the local steak house in Corpus. During dinner, a conversation between a worker and supervisor pushed the right buttons on me to release the anger. The employee stated that he was only responsible for his own safety and that if a coworker wanted to get hurt, then that was none of his business. I still remember the look on the employee’s face as I began in a soft tone and ended the story yelling and tears running down my face. The entire restaurant in fact was looking and listening. It felt so good to release all those years of spent up anger.

My message to the entire restaurant that night was simple. I didn’t want to see anybody get hurt and put their families through what I had. And worse, I didn’t want anyone to get killed and ruin their families.

I discovered there were ways to share my personal story that might save lives, and that is what has brought me to you today. I’m much like a preacher, if I can save one soul from getting hurt or killed then I’ve done God’s work.

My presentation is not your typical “safety talk”. Instead, it is “plain spoken” and to the point delivered so personally. I make it serious, funny, emotional and fulfilling. I hope you will contact me soon to improve your workplace safety and save a soul.

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