Every decision you make directly effects the safety of you and others. Are you aware of your IMPACT? Randy focuses his presentation around this idea.

Everything You Do IMPACTS Somebody!
  • Is this job necessary & do I need help?
  • Make a plan before starting the job.
  • Proceed with the plan when it is safe.
  • Aware & Alert! Situation can change.
  • Complete the job with care and clean up.
  • Talk to others that may perform the same job.
  • Safety always! No job is worth getting hurt!
  • Benefits

    Safety is a way of life, even the smallest changes make an impact.

    His presentation is not your typical “safety talk”. It is plain spoken, to the point, and delivered very personally. He makes each presentation serious, funny, emotional, and fulfilling.

    Contact Randy soon to improve your workplace safety and save a soul.

    Why Randy

    Randy has 25+ years of experience working directly with safety related issues. Safety is his passion and top priority. Randy's story is emotional and compelling. His unique presentation keeps the audience involved and wanting more.

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